The famously unpublished manuscript of Frank Herbert and Alejandro Jodorowosky's never completed Dune film went on auction at Christie's for the first time in years.

Featuring thousands of illustrations from legendary artists H.R. Giger, Moebius, and Chris Foss, as well as a complete storyboard for the unrealized epic with contributions by everyone from Pink Floyd to Salvador Dali, the manuscript's contents have long been sought after.

Instead of letting it remain hidden away in private collections, Spice DAO crowdraised funds to complete the purchase, and to collectively explore options to digitally preserve the manuscript, make it accessible to the public for the very first time, and develop creative projects inspired by the vision Jodorowsky set forth.

The Dune Bible's Significance

Often described as the greatest movie that was never made, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune was slated to become one of the greatest cinematic feats in history. The 15-hour space epic Pre-production work was done by Jean Giraud, also known as Moebius, who had co-founded the seminal comics publication Métal Hurlant, and himself one of the most talented and important comics artists of his generation; Chris Foss, a British illustrator who had made a huge number of illustrated wrappers for pocket editions, including books by Isaac Asimov and Edmund Cooper; and Hans Ruedi Giger, a Swiss artist well-known for his airbrush work.

This trio led most of the preliminary work and were in charge of the artist direction of the whole project - designing the characters, costumes, vehicles and environments. Also would feature Orson Welles as Baron Harkonnen, Salvador Dalí as the emperor, Shaddam IV, and an accompanying soundtrack by Pink Floyd. But the project ran out of funding before it could see the light of day.

This volume was designed to arouse the interest of major American production houses during its funding round, including reproductions of many of the thousands of drawings made by Moebius, Foss and Giger as well as a complete cutout of the film, forming a storyboard. An extraordinary artifact from one of the most iconic science fiction filmic adaptations - a doomed project which inspired legions of film-makers and moviegoers alike. It has been notorious for its secretive influence, as the concept art mined for George Lucas' Star Wars and Ridley Scott's Alien.

The artwork and storyboard in this legendary Dune adaptation is strongly in the public's interest and has long been sought after by curious individuals. With crypto technology we are able to liberate it from private collectors while maintaining security and fairness to the crowdfunders. We believe this project is not just achieving a public good in aiming to make accessible a culturally significant artwork, but also in demonstrating the power of new tools in Crypto & Web3 to coordinate and organize individuals towards projects like this.

Dune DAO Mission Statement

We believe the artwork and storyboard in Jodorowsky's legendary Dune adaptation is strongly in the public's interest, and we hope to raise funds for the purchase so it can be in the hands of crowdraisers, not private collectors, and then collectively pursue projects that help its preservation and increase its accessibility.

Spice DAO's immediate goal is to purchase the Jodorowsky manuscript from the Christie's auction. If successful, the DAO may then collectively explore the goals of:

  1. Preservation (e.g. through professional digitization; to the extent permitted by law)

  2. Accessibility (e.g. through public viewings and digital lending; to the extent permitted by law)

  3. Awareness (e.g. through events such as a panel with the artists represented in the manuscript).

Spice DAO utilizes Web3 platforms and standards, structured as proposal based governance with token-weighted votes with a multi-sig for execution.

Technical Details

Spice DAO's initial crowdraise is towards funding the purchase of the manuscript. Following a successful bid, the DAO may collectively explore options to digitize the manuscript for posterity and pursue projects to increase awareness of the manuscript and make its contents accessible to the public to the extent permitted by law. We may use Web3 platforms to make this secure and fairly incentivized.

Crowdraise Platform

Spice DAO aims to raise funds to safely secure the auction, with excess to cover scanning and freeport storage costs and other activities and projects the DAO may propose. The contributions are handled via JuiceBox, the same platform utilized by ConstitutionDAO for a similar crowdraise.

It is open to anyone to contribute at any size. Funds contributed can also be redeemed back by raisers at any time during the crowdraise. If the bid is failed, all funds will be unlocked to be redeemed back by raisers.


Contributors are given a $SPICE token in return for their funds, serving as a governance token in Spice DAO's proposal system, managed on the Snapshot platform. Any holders of $SPICE will be able to make and vote on proposals, with votes weighted by the token share.

Governance will be handled by the multi-sig until the auction takes place and the manuscript is successfully acquired. If the bid fails, the DAO will be disbanded with everyone able to redeem their $SPICE for their contribution. If it succeeds, the Snapshot governance system will go live and the multi-sig will act as executioners of successfully passed proposals, with a multi-sig vote serving as a veto right on exploit proposals (e.g. 51% attacks).


Spice DAO's funds will be held in a 3/5 Gnosis Multi-sig of the following team:

Proposals will be executed on-chain by the multisig.

Manuscript's Management

Proposals will be made to manage what happens with the physical manuscript on an on-going basis. Following the auction, Spice DAO will have 30 days to settle payment, providing time to debate and vote on a proposal for the physical object's holding plan to ensure its security. A likely solution will be working with a professional art storage service in an arrangement that requires the approval of the multi-sig to physically release the manuscript.

Team Background

Spice DAO was initiated by Remilia Collective in collaboration with Soby for the greater public good, aiming to bring the Dune bible out of the hands of private collectors. The rest of the multi-sig team was invited for their reputation for trustworthiness and interest in the project.